No matter what happens throughout the day, he will ALWAYS have me smiling =)

March 18, 2010
  • Eric:Rockyyyy! I feel like our friendship is fading :(
  • Me:What!? Don't you EVER say that, please! That hurt mi corazon </3 Why you said that? =(
  • Eric:IDK. Hi & bye isn't enough for me. We use to have the nice convo's lol. I know it's my fault. I just don't wanna mess up our friendship :) I wish there were more hrs in a day.
  • Me:It's no one's fault. I'm just at work, drained. Talking to you is always the highlight of my day/night. I really think you have become one of my biffer's <3
  • Eric:The feeling is mutual. I just want to talk to you, idk what it is. I noticed how close we got when I didn't have my phone for the whole weekend. I kept thinking about you and didn't know what to do.
  • Me:*CHEESING SUPER HARD AND FEELING LIKE MINI ME IS JUMPING AROUND* Mira, si tu quieres, we can chill tomorrow after 5, OR we can do our "spontaneous" thing Friday night, OR we could chill Saturday... Tu me avisas.
  • Eric:My batter is dying, but yeah I'll def. hit you up. Gnite poeta :*
  • Me:Gnite Romeo ♥